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No, not financially! But in time, expertise and commitment.

Do you remember the School motto? 'pro tanto, quid retribuamus'

meaning, 'for so much (received) what can we give back'

Now is your chance!

Newtown School is run by a committee of volunteers , appointed by Quakers in Munster.

Within the committee are subcommittees with various specialist roles.

The Nominations committee is trying to broaden its base of names from which to chose.

We are trying to ascertain interest and willingness to serve, and skill sets hopefully available.

If you are in a position to offer time to help the School please email

or write to 'Nominations Committee', c/o Newtown School, and we will send further information.

The subcommittees are: Finance, Planning (building), Development, Marketing and Archives.

In addition the (honorary) officers are Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.

Please give careful thought as to whether you might be able to help in any of these areas

and if so, and you are interested, get in touch!

An expression of interest does not mean you will be nominated but you may be considered.

On behalf of the Nominations committee – Roger Johnson